Coaches are crucial components in the Senior Odyssey experience.

Coaches act as both guides and motivators for the entire team. It is their job to help participants learn how to solve difficult problems using creative and critical thinking skills. Coaches act as “guides from the side,” and are never allowed to give direct input. 

CoachIn addition to assisting with problem solving skills, coaches work to teach any other skills each team may need. If coaches are unable to do so, they are encouraged to find someone who can teach the needed skills.

Coaches are responsible for:

  • helping to obtain materials.
  • making sure the team stays on track.
  • helping to get the team to the tournament with props and supporters.
  • helping the team build self-confidence in their solution and abilities.
  • making sure the team completes and submits all forms necessary.
    • Coaches are not allowed to complete the forms, they need to be sure the team does so and submits them on a timely basis.
  • encouraging each team member to work collaboratively with the others. This can be challenging at times, but the rewards are well worth the effort! Coaches will be amazed at what their team members can do!

Coaches are encouraged to coach in pairs.

  • This takes some of the pressure off an individual coach and helps to utilize their gifts and strengths to the fullest potential.
  • Coaches must commit to a minimum of 15 consecutive weeks of the Odyssey season.
    • Training and materials will be provided for each coach with mentor assistance available also.
    • The Odyssey journey is not one that a coach must travel alone!

Initially, teams meet for 1-2 hours per week. This time commitment will increase as the season progresses. Coaches can expect to spend up to 6-8 hours weekly as competition nears.

Requirements needed to be a coach:

  • interested or experienced in working with older adults.
  • patient, dependable, enthusiastic and able to help with brainstorming.
  • organized and possess good communication skills.
  • be able to relax and have fun!

The emphasis is on the journey, not the destination!

Click here to view a coach’s job description.