The Senior Odyssey judge is an essential part of the volunteer staff that makes a Senior Odyssey competition a success. Judges can be staff, adult children of participants, volunteers, or anyone who has an appreciation for working with older adults. Judges will be provided with proper training.


Click here to view a job description for judges.

If you are interested in being a judge, register here.


  • As a volunteer judge you MUST commitment to 1 full day for the competition itself, and 3-4 hours for the training.  Judges who judge for Senior Odyssey are encouraged to judge for the youth competitions as well, if possible.


  • Attend Training: THIS IS MANDATORY! This is where you will meet and discuss the problem which you will be judging. It is your duty as a judge to fully understand the problem so that you can fairly and accurately administer a score. Judges’ training is the time for the judging team to get together and discuss any questions or concerns that they may have about the problem with their Problem Captain.
  • Scoring: You must be able to CONSISTENTLY adhere to the scoring guidelines laid out by the problem and your Problem Captain.
  • Code of Conduct: You must be willing to sign and abide by the Michigan Odyssey of the Mind Judge’s Code of Conduct.
  • Punctuality: You must be committed to being on time for all trainings and tournaments and stay until dismissed by your Problem Captain.