Thank you!!!!

In the past couple weeks I have been promoting the Senior Odyssey program and trying to recruit teams. I've enjoyed being able to say, "You can find that on our new website!" You should be able to find all the information you need on this website-if not, be sure to contact us! Another huge thanks to the talented people who designed! You can also find us on facebook, under Senior Odyssey of MI. Find us there, and invite your friends!

Snow time like now to be a part of the journey!

Just like each snowflake that is falling (and that's a lot), people are all unique. Each of us brings many different talents and characteristics to a group. Gather some snowflakes into a snowball and create a team! Each person will bring creative perspectives to problems! Teams are now forming for Senior Odyssey! Registration deadline is February 15th! There's snow time like now!

Senior Odyssey 2013 is in full swing!

Coach's training organized.....check
Judge's training organized.....check
New Website launched....check
Teams beginning to register.....check
Facebook page rolling.......check

Hope to see you at our competition on April 27 at the Ceglarek Fine Arts Center at Allendale High School! Join a team, be a coach, be a judge, come check us out!

We are Odyssey of the Mind....perfected by age!!!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you! 2013 has arrived and our Senior Odyssey season is officially beginning!!! If you are interested in learning more about Senior Odyssey please join us at informational luncheons being offered at Heron Community. You can register for these online through our calendar page! What a great new opportunity for the New Year!

Welcome to the NEW Senior Odyssey of Michigan website!

A huge THANK YOU to all the talented, dedicated, and hard working people who made this happen! Thanks for stopping by our page to check it out. Be sure to like us on Facebook, too! Our 2013 Senior Odyssey season will soon be starting. Team registration will be February 15th, coach's training February 21st, and teams should begin meeting in very early March. Our competition site this year has been found and we will be hosting the 2013 competition on April 27th at the Ceglarek Fine Arts Center in Allendale!


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